Betsson Joins The Ranks Of Mobile Social Gaming

Betsson AB, the renowned Internet gaming operator, has joined the ranks of mobile social gambling after partnering with OneUp Games LLC in bettsonorder to unveil MyFootball Connect.

OneUp Games is a Florida-based games developer that focuses on social sports.  Its app, denominated MyFootball Connect, resembles a Bingo game and allows players to challenge friends and relatives throughout live soccer matches.

MyFootball Connect is accessible through the Apple App Store.  This application has been characterized as one that features “unique gameplay” combined with luck and a bit of skill.  Furthermore, it showcases leaderboards, accomplishments, game room chat and more, so that gamers can obtain the full social experience.

This app, due to be made available soon, will also be accessible to Facebook users as well as those with Android-powered mobile devices.  At this time, the app shows the English League’s live games, and will soon feature more major soccer league matches and tournaments.

Magnus Silfverberg, the Chief Executive Officer for Betsson, which is based out of Stockholm, commented that this was an interesting addition to their subsidiaries and they hope to learn more about the potential it offers.  He indicated that the company is thrilled to have partnered with OneUp Games and is excited about the new product.


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