Mr Vegas Mobile

For those of you who haven’t experienced Mr. Vegas Mobile, this great game was created by BetSoftGaming, the giant in 3D gaming and superb mrvegas_mobilegraphics. What BetSoft has done for the Mr. Vegas game is create a 3D version while incorporating the glitz and glamour of the popular Las Vegas Strip.

This ground-breaking game is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before when it comes to casino gambling.  It has been compared to the interior of a cinematographic studio and offers a truly unique way to experience slots gaming.

Players can live vicariously through Mr. Vegas who strolls down the Strip ensuring he’s living and winning large.  The game offers a wide range of bonuses including free rounds in Roulette and in a mini-slot that’s lodged within the Slots machine.

When BetSoft indicated it would release the best games into the market, it wasn’t exaggerating.  Today, Mr. Vegas Mobile is perhaps the most popular of the Slots 3 games.

Furthermore, note that this amazing game is supported on iPhones, iPads, Androids and all iOS systems.

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