Casino Planet Italian Gaming Giant Introduces Suite Of Internet Slots

Casino Planet, a member of the already popular Neomobile Group, has unveiled an innovative suite of slots games suitable for tablet, smartphone and other mobile device users.  The release came after AAMS, the Italian game regulator, issued its approval.

Managing Director of Neomobile Gaming, Francesco Postiglione, indicated that the company is extremely pleased that AAMS okayed the release of the slots games.  He indicated that they’re confident the online slots will be a welcome addition , especially as they already enjoy the favor of gamblers in other casino markets including those of the U.K.  He explained that online slots comprise 70% of the earnings obtained by global online operators and he is certain the Italian market will accept the games with the same enthusiasm.

The Italian company anticipates they’ll have 80 slots games for the enjoyment of PC-based users by the end of this year, and 10 slots games available for mobile players by April of 2013.  Casino Planet already offers 10 games for mobile users in HTML5 including Blackjack, Video Poker, Bingo, Roulette and the ever so popular Italian pursuit of  “sette e mezzo.”

Forecasters from H2 Gambling Capital expect that the Italian Internet casino market will grow two to four times its current size.  It’s believed to be currently obtaining 100 million Euros in Gross Gaming Revenues.  H2 supposes that the expansion will come from the unveiling of the slots games.

The web slots are accessible through the Microgaming platform, “Casino Miami” and offer familiar names and themes such as Hell Boy, Hitman and Lara Croft.

Casino Planet released a statement indicating that it’s already reached the status of leading gambling portal in the Italian market due to its wide selection of games, and the high quality service it offers on the web and to mobile device players.  The statement suggested that the slots games will serve to support its status.

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